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The OnePlus Nordic CE has some similarities to the flagship Nord smartphone. The design aesthetic is very similar, with flowing curves and an oblong camera housing. The only noticeable difference is that it is available in a vibrant blue shade. The camera housing, however, feels rather dated in 2021, especially when compared to the OnePlus 9 series. We’ll go into further detail in this article. For now, however, it’s safe to say that the OnePlus Nord CE is a good smartphone. Oneplus Nord CE 5G

The OnePlus Nord CE is a slim smartphone that measures 159.2 x 73.5 x 7.9mm, and weighs around 170g. It comes with a matte finish, which means that fingerprints won’t stick to it. We’ll cover its camera and other features in a later article, so you can check out our hands-on impression. If you’re not convinced, try out the Asus 8Z or Samsung Galaxy S9.

The display on the OnePlus Nord CE 5G is an impressive 6.43-inch AMOLED punch-hole screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 90Hz, and offers good legibility in bright sunlight. One plus point is that the display can be adjusted to your liking. You can turn off the high-refresh rate to get a more natural feel for the display.

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G will be available in India on March 10. It will cost approximately $340 in British pounds or 299 euros. The smartphone is expected to be available on Amazon India, where the company has teasingly positioned it for the launch date. It is also being sold on Amazon India, which is already teasing the launch with a quiz on the launch date. A lot of the upcoming phone’s features have been discussed and compared.

The OnePlus Nord CE is an updated version of the OnePlus Nordic, which proved to be a hit last year. However, it lacks the unique design language of the Nord. Despite its lower price, the Oneplus Nord CE 5G has many advantages over its predecessor, including a much better camera and an improved build quality. However, it lacks the edge over the Nord in terms of performance and value. It may be a good phone for the price range, but it still fails to impress.

The camera on the OnePlus Nord CE is decent, but it has no camera that rivals OnePlus’ Hasselblad-equipped cameras. Its main camera is 64MP, while its secondary sensor has an 8MP ultra-wide lens. It can’t capture much detail in low-light situations, so the quality of the photos is still questionable. It would be best if OnePlus improved this aspect of the camera.

Overall, the OnePlus Nord CE 5G is a good mid-range smartphone that provides solid performance and a good display. The camera delivers well-exposed photos in most conditions, and the battery life is excellent. However, it isn’t a star like the OnePlus 9 Pro, and it isn’t a big step up over its predecessor. However, it is worth considering if you’re on a budget and want a high-quality smartphone.

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